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The Ministry of Culture of Tatarstan Republic Yelabuga Municipal District Yelabuga State Historical-Architectural and Art Museum-Reserve

The international symposium Ornament-fest «Altyn chechek» 11 - 18 of July, 2011 • Yelabuga

Ornament is one of the most ancient kinds of fine arts, which had a symbolical and magical meaning in the past. The traditional ornament researches are conducted by experts of Art Studies, History, Archeology, Ethnography, Philosophy, and Cultural Science.

The ornament is not only commonly used in art practice, but has a great pedagogical role in studying of an art heritage of the past, in development of professional skills of experts in various activities. Programs on studying of an ornament are included into educational system of many educational institutions as a necessary link by training of experts in Design, Arts and Crafts, Architecture, Polygraphy etc. Studying and practical acquirement of an ornament is a component of esthetic education and development of creative abilities of pupils and preschool children.

The international symposium «Ornament-fest «Altyn chechek» is intended to draw attention to the preservation and development of national cultures and languages, to the revival of national traditions. To preserve the peace on the earth everybody should honor, remember and keep national traditions, passing them from generation to generation, respect traditions of those people who live next to us, wishing each other warmth and kindness.

The created ornament will embody kindness, mutual understanding and well-being.

The purposes of the symposium

Popularization and studying of the different people's ornament. The representation of an ornament in various kinds and genres of the fine arts by classical and vanguard methods.

To create a collection of modern art works in different genres on the basis of studying of an ancient epos and folklore materials.

Objectives of the symposium

— Inviting artists from different regions of Russia and abroad to participate in the International symposium «Ornament-fest «Altyn chechek».

— Acquisition of the International symposium «Ornament-fest «Altyn chechek» participants's works for funds of Yelabuga State Museum-Reserve.

— Formation of a mobile exhibition of the International symposium participants's works.

— Publication of the catalog and making of the video version of the International symposium «Ornament-fest «Altyn chechek».


1. The original ornamental composition, created during the International Symposium «Ornament-fest «Altyn chechek» (painting, graphics, arts and crafts):

— The module in a format 60х60 cm (70х70). In the module it is possible to use from 2 to 5 blocks;

— Artists can create the composition of the module (the construction) at will (vertically, horizontally, crosswisely, etc.).

2. Each author must create and send to the e-mail of organizers the personal ornamental sign-logotype (use no more than 3 colors), the size is 40х40 cm, apart from the main composition.

3. Every author must provide the personal ornamental sign in graphics (no more than 2 colors), the size is 5 cm on the long side, the resolution is 300 dpi, formats JPG, TIFF, the file name should coincide with the name of the sign.

4. Participants of the symposium should send their photo (7 cm on the long side, 300 dpi, formats JPG, TIFF), and a short essay on a theme «The Mystery of the pattern» (at least one printer's sheet and not more than two).

5. Within the limits of a symposium participant can give a masterclass for students of Kama Institute of Art and Design and Yelabuga School of Culture and the Arts. The participant should declare the theme of masterclass in advance to enter it into the program of the International Symposium «Ornament-fest «Altyn chechek».The duration of a masterclass – 1 hour.

Equipment and materials will be prepared by the symposium organizers at the request of participants.

Obligations of the parties

1. Obligation of the organizers:

— to provide special premises for the symposium;

— to prepare materials for working at the request of participants;

— to provide easels and chairs to work on the ornamental compositions;

— hotel accommodation and 3 meals a day;

— the organization and carrying out of a round table concerning a world cultural heritage on a theme «the Ornament - the person and soul of the people». To a round table will be invited teachers and students of Kama Institute of Art and Design and Yelabuga School of Culture and the Arts, mass-media, the directors of art schools of Republic Tatarstan and Yelabuga;

— the organization and carrying out of one-day seminar (a day of masterclasses) for teachers of art institutes, schools and art schools of Tatarstan Republic within the limits of a symposium;

— to provide translation into English, German languages for foreign participants (if there will be such necessity) during the symposium program;

— the organization of the cultural program for participants of the symposium;

— the organization and carrying out of the exhibition in the Exhibition Hall of Yelabuga State Museum-Reserve on completion of a symposium;

— the edition of an album-catalog of the works created during a symposium «Ornament-fest «Altyn chechek».and gratuitous granting of one copy to each participant.

2. Obligations of the participants:

— to donate all works created within the limits of the symposium to the ownership of Museum-Reserve, and thereby to pass an exclusive right to the museum-reserve for further use, reproduction and publication;

— to provide for publication on websites, catalogs, presentations and other information and promotional materials about themselves, digitized photographs of works, a detailed description of the work (material, technique, tools, size, year);

— to take part in the activities organized during the International Symposium «Ornament-fest «Altyn chechek»;

— transportation costs and tools (brushes, paints, materials for arts and crafts) at the expense of the arriving party.

Special conditions

— only the participants invited by organizers can take part in the International symposium «Ornament-fest «Altyn chechek» (after application);

— the members of families of symposium participants can contact the organizers about the possibility of staying at a symposium at their own expense;

— the participant hasn't right to demand any indemnification or compensation for participation in an exhibition and events organized within the limits of this program, and also for an exposition of the works and/or for using them in catalogs, on websites and in information and promotional materials of a symposium «Ornament-fest «Altyn chechek».

Authors of the idea

— the General Director of the Elabuga State Museum Reserve, Honoured Worker of Culture of Russian Federation and Tatarstan Republic, Laureate of the Government Award in the Field of Culture, Advisor to the Mayor of Elabuga on Tourism and Protection of Cultural Heritage, Member of Public Chamber of Tatarstan Republic, member of Presidium Union of Russian Museums, Gulzada Rudenko;

— member of the Artists Union of Russia Gilyazetdinov Salavat (Bashkortostan, Ufa).

Terms and carrying out conditions

The International Symposium «Ornament-fest «Altyn chechek» will be held on 11 - 18 of July, 2011.

Artists and members of the creative unions from the different countries of the world can take part in the International symposium «Ornament-fest «Altyn chechek».

Admission conditions

— lodging, meals, cultural program, providing easels, canvases at the expense of organizers;

— transportation costs, used for tools and supplies at the expense of the arriving party.

Applications are accepted until June 11, 2011 at:

423600, Gassara Street, 9. Yelabuga, The Republic of Tatarstan. Russian Federation Fax: (85557) 7-89-38 Tel: 7-86-00 E-mail: elmuseum@mail.ru


Exhibition Hall of Yelabuga State Museum-Reserve.

(Republic of Tatarstan, Yelabuga, Kazanskaya Street, 24).

Symposium organizers

The Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Tatarstan.

Yelabuga Municipal District.

Yelabuga State Historical-Architectural and Art Museum-Reserve.

The curators of the project

— member of the Artists' Union of Tatarstan, Honored Artist of Tatarstan Rabis Salyahov (Tatarstan, Yelabuga);

— director of the Exhibition Hall of Yelabuga State Museum – Reserve Gulnara Podnoskova.

How to get to us

By plane:

Moscow – Nijnekamsk. Arrival airport: Nijnekamsk city.

Transfer to Yelabuga – 30 minutes.

By train:

Train Moscow – Naberezhnye Chelny.

Transfer to Yelabuga – 20 minutes.


Gulnara Podnoskova (russian language), director of the Exhibition Hall of Yelabuga State Museum-Reserve;

Tanya Gagarina (russian language), research assistant of the Exhibition Hall of Yelabuga State Museum-Reserve.

Phone: +7 (85557) 7-89-38

Anastasiya Vasileva, Anna Pavlova (english language) — research workers of Touristic Center of Yelabuga State Museum-Reserve.

Phone: +7 (85557) 7-86-68

E-mail: elmuseum@mail.ru

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